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Based on our experience in using the latest technologies, we can offer programming solutions in Servoy, Django, PHP, Java, .Net, Flash, Flex and Silverlight.

No matter if we work on an entire project alone or as part of another team, our experience and our good communication skills guarantee the success of the work (project).

More details about outsourcing to Romania.


You should stand out from the information ocean that surrounds us, and you do that by conveying a clear, simple, and constant message in every possible way, starting with the design of your products and continuing with your web site.


How can you keep track of your company’s activity easier?

How can you increase productivity without increasing the bureaucratic activities and the number of staff meetings?

You can do that by implementing a software solution that is tailored specifically for your company’s activity. We analyze the activity of your company together with the future users of the software, trying to find the appropriate design for the application and to render its functionality. Thus you can acquire data that the generic programs cannot provide as they have broader applications without fitting the needs of a specific company.